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The Time Tunnel

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The Time Tunnel, was a story about a well known Dockland Street situated in Newport Monmouthshire. It told, in light and sound, the story of the street, referencing real people and the events of November 1940, when the area was badly bombed during WW2.

It was depicted as a model in 1/43rd scale and measured over 15 feet in length. It had an O Gauge saddle tank industrial loco shunting along the street , as it did in reality shunting in the many local works.

Dialogue was supplied by local actors and the sound track was kindly carried out by the BBC.

Conversations, street sounds and the actual air raid was supported by pre programmed and localised lighting. It was a very dramatic and moving experience, made even more poignant by the fact that local lives were lost and many awards were earned from rescuing those trapped in the rubble. It was to be found in the Pill Heritage Centre and was funded through the EU Social Risk Fund. It is pictured here during construction and was constructed by Jan Preece and his team of volunters, who were involved in the whole project.