0 Gauge Property Developments


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Railway Lineside

All of these lineside buildings are based on prototypes, exreme left is a 16mm gauge lineside hut. A small coal yard and office and Gobowen signal box, Still standing in North Wales.

Chard junction taken from images of the early 1970s period and a standard GWR Coaling stage and ramps .
























A dairy of the steam age period contructed fom a variety of photographs of small dairies in the south west of England.









Moreton Hampstead Devon, loco shed and egine shed. A neat model suitable for the small GW branch line.








A standard GW foot bridge constucted from art board and styrene.

A small GW signal box with covered porch and the much larger Seaton Junction LSWR. Fully fitted out and illuminated. This is constructed on a short platform base  to be dropped in to the main platform on the station.


These grey sheds are Slate Cutting sheds for the narrow gauge sustem of North Wales while below to the left are the lamp stores from Highbridge on the S.D.J.R at Highnridge works Somesert.